Emmaus Team Canon

Canon of the Emmaus Team

  • I am a member of an Emmaus Team; therefore, I am only one part of a complete being! I am an imperfect earthen vessel, and I am here in a servant’s role!
  •  I will serve in humility and gratitude for the opportunity to be here, and will remember that the Holy Spirit calls for my love, patience, kindness, gentleness and self-control in all things!
  • I will pray for submission to the Spirit of this weekend and for strength and commitment to be God’s person rather than my own person during these three days!
  • I will remember that I am here only as an instrument through which God can work to renew His Church.
  •  I   am here only by God’s grace; I am here only so that He might work His mighty acts through me – not because of me!
  • I will lift up other members of the team and candidates in prayer and ask our Lord to strengthen them and reveal Himself to them in new and wondrous ways!
  • I will not over-state or over-emphsize my role during these three days by any word or deed.
  • I will not glorify myself; I will not glorify any other member of this team, nor allow another to glorify me!
  • I will use “I” as little as possible during these three days, and will remember that all others are the main reason for my presence and my prayers!
  • I will remember at all times that I am less important than any other person on this weekend.
  • In all things, I will accept and be obedient to the authority and discipline under which I serve!
  • I have no authority; I have no responsibility except to be obedient to the Church and totally responsive to the ministry of the Holy Spirit!
  • Whatever passions and excitement seize me, I will express through joyful praise to the Father, my Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit!
  • I will give God all the glory for anything and everything that occurs on this weekend.
  • I will raise my voice only in praise of Him and will bow my head in reverence and submission to Him! I am only a servant; but God can use me more powerfully in this role than in any other that I might choose!
  • I am an imperfect earthen vessel, and am blessed to be here as a servant! I am a member of an Emmaus Team; In all things during this weekend I shall pray, “not I, but Christ.”